Calligraphy-Review-Summer-1991-volume eight-number four

Calligraphy Review – Summer 1991

Calligraphy Review – Summer 1991 – Volume Eight – Number Four & Index

Learn more about writing calligraphy in this amazing and collectible journal from 1991!

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Topics include:

    • Bad handwriting and why it can be good
    • Step by step projects
    • How to make a manuscript book
    • Rothschild Reunited
    • A Tribute to Arnold Bank and his amazing love for the letter

“Calligraphy is the autographics of alphabetics. . . . Calligraphy is simply the art of writing,
or of sketching and drawing transferred to the use of letter design, on the beautiful blank
of a fine sheet of paper. . . . Now in doing it, it has to be clear and it has to be beautiful.”
Arnold Bank (1908-1986)

Get it now for only $9.99!

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